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ARS understands that addiction is very devastating for the addicted and for those around them. For many clients, contact with our office is the first experience they have with a treatment provider and the professionals at ARS are here to help. 

ARS professionals consist of Certified Addictions Counselors (CACs) and master’s level therapists, as well as qualified mental health staff members to meet each client’s need.

ARS counselors conduct an initial assessment of the client’s status, treatment needs are established, and an appropriate level of care is determined. If necessary, a referral to another treatment facility is made.

Suboxone Treatment 
Immediate openings! Please call 412-246-8965, ext. 9, for more information.    

Outpatient Individual Therapy

Traditional one-on-one therapy is the process by which a client is guided, supported and directed by his or her therapist as he or she develops personal strategies and plans the course and expectation of treatment goals. It is designed to help clients build commitment throughout the process of behavior and attitude modification.

Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Individual Therapy             
Dual diagnosis programming is designed to treat chemically dependent individuals whose attempts at recovery are complicated by mental health issues. Treatment planning focuses on the understanding and treatment of chemical dependency, concurrent with the client's mental health disorder. Medication management, coping with a dual disorder and the importance of continued support are all vital educational components in this program.

Outpatient Addiction Education Series            
Education services are offered to individuals when the existing information does not support a treatment recommendation. Topics covered include the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body, the signs of substance abuse and the symptoms of substance dependency.



Payment Options
If the client is not referred by an insurance company, payment must be made by the client in advance of services rendered. ARS accepts cash, money order or a cashier's check.            


















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